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Self Storage may be defined as secure storage units, usually an enclosed space (box), equipped with strong security measures , to which only the client has access, it's basically your own secure storage outside your home or business.

The concept of Self Storage as seen its birth at the United States of America, where it began to emerge during the '60s, and since then grown to about 53,000 units installed throughout the country nowadays.

It is only in the 80’s when Self Storage companies start to appear in Europe, more specifically in the UK, and then inevitably to the rest of Europe. Countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain, already have to this day a considerable installed capacity, as well as Portugal, where the concept is much more recent, but in the last  years has had enough development and acceptance by the general public.

There are several reasons for an individual or company to use the services of a Self Storage Center, for example, moving, marriage, divorce, or withdrawal from the country on business, while Corporate clientes tend to use Self Storage more for archive, stocks, tools, equipments, and more…


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We offer you an innovative concept of storage in BOXES / Mini-Warehouses, providing you the space you needed  with all the security, in a central and privileged location.